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David Van

David has been a part of the IR team for over 3 years. David fitted straight in when he came to IR and knew straight away it was the job for him. 

“I love working at Independent restoration because everybody within the company is great. The workplace is relaxed but also hard working. I am lucky with my job as I get to visit a range of locations and also have a variety of jobs that I do day to day. I enjoy the responsibility I have as I have the freedom to organise my own jobs so I am sorting my diary out most of the time. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping clients recover from the major disasters they have had in their homes due to fires and floods.”

“I have a few hobbies including work itself! However, when I’m not at work I do enjoy playing golf at a weekend but some would say I’m a bigger fan of the 19th hole other than the 18 holes before it.😅I do enjoy drinking after a game of golf and love sitting on the veranda at Stocksfield Golf club  whilst sipping a pint in the sun.☀️”

“My favourite foods are steak, lobster, cheese, bacon and any sort of crisps I can find .😂 I love a black coffee and live off them Monday to Friday but my favourite weekend drinks are a glass of Pinot or a bourbon.”