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Hard Floor Clean

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hard floor clean

I.R Cleaning recently visited a house to complete a hard floor clean for a customer who had found us through the Tyne Valley Express magazine. 3 of our cleaning technicians spent a full day working on the property as it was a large area. The flooring had been down for almost 15 years and the customer had tried everything to bring back the original colour of the tiles but was struggling until we arrived! We used our Tile Master machine to clean the flooring and the customer was over the moon with the final result. There was a build up of dirt within the cracks of the tiles which we cleaned it all up and brought back the shine that the flooring was missing. Since it was such a large area which was almost a kitchen/living area it brought the room back to life when we cleaned the flooring and the customers couldn’t of been happier. Another job well done by I.R Cleaning