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Jill Desk

Jill is the I.R office manager and is a huge part of Independent Restoration and is the first face that visitors see when they come into the office. 

“I enjoy spending time with family and friend, I also really enjoy running (when the weather suits it😊) and walking my dog, Bailey.” We also own a caravan at Amble and try to get up there as often as we can although the weather sometimes isn’t great.🥴 My favourite food has to be a good quality pizza with a glass of fizz on the side, especially if the sun is shining as well.☀️”

“I enjoy working for I.R as it is a well run, small, family business with flexible working conditions. The unit is also close to home for me and the boss even let’s me bring my dog to work with me😌 I have worked at I.R for 4 years as of April 2021 and hope for many more years to come.”