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Richie Desk 1

Richie has been Managing Director at IR since he set the company up in 2014. His main roll is the day to day running of the business and dealing with the challenges it brings. 

“I enjoy keeping fit and have entered in multiple obstacle course events including Total Warrior. I also attend a mixture of PT’s and classes with local fitness business “SS Fitness”. Those that know me also know I enjoy playing golf and play whenever and wherever I can.😄”

“My favourite food has to be a Steak and chips from local Italian “Vercellis” which is based in Hexham, what makes it even better is having a pint of Moretti to top the meal off.”

Richie has a well known saying “Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail” which he uses in the office which he stands by everyday of the week and most of the staff are sick of hearing.