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Simon Martin IR

Simon has worked at IR for 4 years and is the face of the company when it comes to the carpet cleaning. Si and will always have time for a chat wherever he is.😁

“I love to play golf in my spare time at Stocksfield golf club especially when the sun is shining. I also enjoy going on long walks in the countryside as long as there is a stop off at a café on the route.😊 I spend most Sunday mornings watching local Sunday league football team Hexhamshire FC as my two sons play for the team and I have always had a love for football!”

“I love working at IR because of the great team I have working around me and also enjoy the workforces camaraderie.😅 My favourite meal is Steak and chips although it has to have all the trimmings and needs to be accompanied by French Mustard👌🏻. My go to drink would be a pint of the finest Tyneside Blonde or a Monkey 47 Gin and Tonic, however it has to be a double😇. My dream job when I was younger was that I wanted to be a lorry driver but that dream didn’t last too long.”

“I hope to be seeing you all soon when I visit your homes to freshen up your carpets😁.”