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Stain Removal

stain removal

A customer called us during January with an urgent issue. They had a cream coloured carpet which had been stained with brown marks, (as you can see in image). IR visited the property and tackled it hands on using a range of “Restormate” products. We started by cleaning the carpets to get all the other products that had been used out of the carpet so we could start fresh with our own products. We then used a Bio-enzyme spray on all the stains and allowed that to seep into the carpet for 10 minutes. We then proceeded to clean the carpet again which brought out the colour in some of the deeper stains. After this we decided to use a “tea/coffee stain” remover which is also very useful when it comes to browning stains. This finished the job off and brought out the rest of the browning and we gave it one final clean just to rinse all of the chemicals out that we had put on while trying to remove the stains. The customers were delighted with the results as they had their property on the market and had a home viewing in the coming days. If you have any stain issues give us a call and we will be sure to give it our best shot at getting it out for you! 😁🌟